Best Bitcoin Bot

Trading bots, or Robots, independently open and close trades, which allow both beginners and experienced traders to automate the trading process and diversify their portfolio. Crypto bots open transactions on positive price fluctuations based on a number of oscillators and indicators. And it exits trades on the pre-set algorithm. The main goal is to increase revenue and reduce losses and risks.

How it works

They are fully automated! You just need to specify a few basic parameters before the launch of crypto bots will begin to open and close transactions on your exchange.

There are two modes in our robots:

  • Trading mode — uses balance on your exchange for trading;
  • Demo mode — Testing — allows you to trade the robot on real currency quotes in real-time, without using your balance.
Best crypto trading bots

Key benefits of crypto trading bots

  1. Crypto trading is fully automated
  2. The strategy is created for you by experts
  3. Trading in the cloud service and on your mobile phone

Types of orders in the Cryptorobotics terminal

Steps to use crypto trading bots

Crypto trading bot
Crypto bot
2. Click on the ALGOTRADING button
Trading bot
3. Select TRADING ROBOTS in the menu
Bitcoin trading bot
4. Choose a robot and apply the configuration

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