Our team

Ivan Shcherbakov

CEO, Founder

Practicing investor. Info businessman. Member of the Eurasian Council for SMEs in the field of blockchain. An expert in the field of cryptocurrencies. Author of the course "Cryptocurrencies in 12 hours".

We are not just about trading and investing in crypto. We want each of us to have a choice. We do our part to ensure that millions of people have a sense of security and the ability to manage their lives on their own.

Konstantin Denisenko

Head of Development

Alina Sattarova

Chief Operating Officer

Olga Denisenko

UI/UX Designer, QA Engineer

Alexey Sevruk

Senior Backend Developer

Svyatoslav Orel

Head of Marketing

Jamar James

Chief Solutions Officer

Boris Zabavnikov

Advisor - Trader analyst

Alina Garaeva


Evgeniy Loza

Advisor - CEO EXCAVO

Vadim Galeev

Advisor - Deputy to CEO, Innopolis

Yanosh Kertay Katona

Official Representative. Hungary

Anatoli Ille

Founder at oton.technology

Oliver Prock

Advisor - Trader analyst

Our partners

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