What is the crypto trading bot for Huobi?

The Huobi trading bot is designed for crypto trading on the Huobi crypto exchange via the Cryptorobotics platform. Cryptorobotics provides its users with the best crypto bots to make the trading process more efficient and uninterrupted as they can multitask, analyze multiple cryptocurrencies, open and close trades on their own, investigate the crypto market, etc. Thus, the bot increases the chance of making a profit since you will not miss the opportunity to enter profitable trade by using a bot.

Best Huobi trading bots


This bot trades on the leading crypto exchanges. One such exchange is Huobi. Therefore, users of the Cryptorobotics platform can run this bot to trade cryptocurrencies on this exchange. Traders can also set Stop Loss and Take Profit to manage risk in case the trend turns negative for the trader, the trade is automatically closed. It should be noted that Optimus opens deals only on the flat market.


This Huobi crypto bot is designed to trade cryptos in a rising market and will never open short positions. It is quite easy and quick to set up, so even beginners can handle it. Like Optimus, it can open trades on other cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, you can trade with Cyberbot on several exchanges via a single interface.

Trade Holder

Trade Holder is a Huobi trading bot that is designed for a passive type of investment called HOLD. This bot independently analyzes the market, selects the nine most promising coins for investment, and fixes profits for each selected digital asset. Then the Trade Holder crypto bot continues to monitor the market movement and the value of the coins and buys the coin if its price rises.

Advantages of Huobi trading bot

  • Uninterrupted trading process
  • Easy to set up
  • Trading during different market trends
  • Ability to manage risk
  • Favorable subscription rates for using crypto trading bots for Huobi
  • Ability to pay for some crypto bots using the Profit Sharing system

How to start using the crypto trading bot for Huobi crypto exchange?

To run one of Huobi’s crypto trading bots on the Cryptorobotics platform, you need to register and then follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the Huobi exchange
  2. Link Huobi account to Cryptorobotics platform
  3. Log in to the Cryptorobotics platform
  4. Go to the Algotrading tab
  5. Select the Huobi trading bot
  6. Customize the selected bot
  7. Start crypto trading

Tariffs and packages

Choose PRO PACKAGE or trade for FREE


$ 00 forever
  • Trading on 15 exchanges
  • 10 stop-limit orders
  • 2 OCOs
  • Technical analysis with saving templates on the chart
  • Analytical dashboard 30 days

Basic PRO

$ 19 for 1 month
  • Stop-Limit Orders
  • OCOs
  • Add your strategy: 1 bot
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Demo trading robots
  • Multiple accounts
  • Real trading robots
  • Signal trading
  • Autofollowing
  • Free package

Expert PRO

$ 119 for 1 month
  • Spot robots
  • Add your strategy: 5 bots
  • Futures robots
  • OCOs
  • Multiple accounts
  • Signal trading
  • Autofollowing
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Free package
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