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What are crypto signals?

crypto signals cryptorobotics

Cryptocurrency trading has become so popular that developers decide to simplify the trading process by creating different tools for algorithmic trading. Thus, traders who even have no experience can get income from this type of activity. One of the best algorithmic trading tools is considered crypto signals. The aim of this function is to make crypto trading more effective and help traders enter the trades while minimizing risk.

Before providing you with an ultimate guide on how to use crypto signals, let’s take a closer look at what this function is and how it works. 

How do Crypto Signals work?

How do Crypto Signals work

Crypto signals are instructions from professional traders about purchasing or selling cryptos at a specific price and time. This function also can be determined as a tool intended for analysis and tracking of market conditions that help traders to make a more informed decision concerning buying or selling crypto. Crypto trading signals can be based on a set of factors including news, technical analysis, and current market trend. 

So, in other words, the point of this function is that the trader receives information on possible profitable trades from the analyst. The trades can be implemented automatically by customizing all necessary parameters based on the analyst’s prediction. If you aren’t completely satisfied with his prediction,  you have the ability to change the setting under your own preferences.

The crypto signals work well both for new and experienced traders. This kind of algorithmic trading allows experienced traders to save time searching for new profitable trading strategies. For newbies, it gives an opportunity to get the necessary experience and gain knowledge in crypto trading. In addition, this function fully automates the trading process and facilitates the financial safety of traders by stop loss. Thus, traders are able to avoid crypto bankruptcy during trading. 

Best Crypto Trading Signals

cryptorobotics Best Crypto Trading Signals

Cryptorobotics crypto signals are considered one of the best algorithmic tools that can give accurate predictions, track, and analyze to help users get profits from trades. Let’s take a closer look at them.  

Name of the channel

Crypto exchange

All signals

Successful signals

Average monthly profit

Average   profit

Price per month


Binance, Binance_futures, Bybit, Bybit_Inverse, OKEX








Binance, Binance_futures, Bybit, Bybit_Inverse








Binance, Binance_futures, Bittrex






IC CT(Cosmotrader) S







Quasar Signals

Binance, Bitfinex, Bybit,, Huobi, Kraken, OKEX, Poloniex






Trend up

Binance, Binance_futures, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bybit_Inverse,,OKEX






Crypto2AFTM Signals VIP

Binance, Binance_us,,Huobi, Kraken, OKEX, Poloniex






How to start using crypto signals on the Cryptorobotics platform?

In order to use crypto signals in the Cryptorobotics, every trader should complete these actions.

cryptorobotics trading platform

  • Select the “Algotrading” tab.

cryptorobotics crypto trading terminal

  • Press the “Signal Trading” button.

signal trading cryptorobotics

When you complete these actions, you will get access to the full list of all analysts and statistics of their signals.

signal channels cryptorobotics

There are two buttons available here: All Channels and My Channels.

If you want to view all analysts’ channels, you should press the “All channels”. If you decide to see the channels you are subscribed to, it is necessary to click on “My Channels”.

What should you know before using Crypto Trading Signals?

Before subscribing to one of the channels, it is necessary to investigate statistics regarding each analyst’s channel. 

profit trading signals cryptorobotics

During monitoring of analyst’s channels, you will get the following data:

  • A brief description of the channel.

  • The number of followers.

  • The general amount of signals.

  • Active signals.

  • The average amount of successful signals.

  • Average profit.

  • All profitable signals.

  • The cost of a subscription per month.

  • “Subscribe” button (in case, a trader doesn’t subscribe to the channel).

  • “View statistics” button. 

signals cryptorobotics subscribe ta channel

To start using one of the analysts’ channels, you should buy a subscription.

After subscribing, you can view the date of its expiration and the “Go to trade” button.

When you click on the “Go to trade” button, you will get access to the channel’s page.

cryptoleks crypto signals channel in cryptorobotics trading platform

On the channel’s page, you will have the ability to see the following information:

  • Channel’s statistics.

  • The button that provides you with extended access to the analyst’s channel.

  • Detailed statistics of all crypto signals.

  • Percentage of target achievement.

  • Dynamics of signals that bring profit.

  • The general number of signals.

  • The amount of successful, unsuccessful, and active signals.

  • Percentage of achievement of signal targets.

The analyst gives a crypto signal with the target to fix the profit. There could be multiple targets (T1, T2, T3, etc.) that are specified for every signal.

These statistics allow you to get more information on all possible risks and returns. Thus, you can choose the most profitable strategy for using crypto signals.

  • Dynamics of received income from signals in % for every day.

The chart displays the arithmetic mean of all profits for the targets that were executed on the specified date. In calculating the profitability of crypto signals, only completed targets are considered.

You can see statistics by selecting the date that you are interested in.

In addition, you can monitor the statistics of crypto trading signals of a certain channel. All previous trades (open, successful, unsuccessful, and canceled) are included in the statistics.

  • Actual signals.

  • Signal history.

  • My trades.

crypto trading signals cryptorobotics

How to launch crypto signals in the Cryptorobotics terminal?

Crypto trading signals are straightforward to use and can be set up with just one click. Let’s see how it functions. 

  1. There will be indicated the following settings:

  • Exchange;

  • Buy price;

  • Quantity;

  • Sell ​​target (Take Profit);

  • Stop Loss.

To launch the crypto signal, you don’t need to waste a lot of time setting a set of parameters manually, as all of them have already been selected by the system. If you want to fix any settings, then you have an opportunity to edit them and move away from the analyst’s strategy. 

  1. All you need to do is just specify the amount of the purchase and the target to exit the trade. You can specify them in a form with settings or directly on the chart.

This is everything you need to start using crypto signals. You can also set the @Cryptorobotics_Signalbot in accordance with your preferences to learn about new signals that come to the system.


Crypto signals are considered one of the best algorithmic trading tools that help get returns and mitigate losses. Owing to this function, traders have an opportunity to save time for figuring out new trading strategies. Crypto signals are also suitable for beginners in the cryptocurrency industry and facilitate a better understanding of the market. The most important thing is not to forget that traders should carefully study all information on the analyst’s channel before subscribing.

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