What is Autofollowing?​

Autofollowing is an algorithmic tool that enables trade by using the bot. This bot enters trades according to the signals received from an expert analyst.

How does Autofollowing work?

The analyst selects a cryptocurrency pair, indicates the price range for opening a deal, targets for closing a deal (T1, T2, T3) and the Stop Loss parameter. The Autofollowing bot starts opening orders directly after the signals are received from the analytics.
All transactions are executed automatically. This function is configured once after which users can track the statistics of executed trades and get passive income.

Best Autofollowing’s channels on the Cryptorobotics platform



  • The trading process is fully automated
  • Ability to enter trades 24/7
  • User-friendly interface
  • Trading is available on all devices
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Possibility to trade on the various crypto exchange

How to start using Autofollowing on the Cryptorobotics platform?

  • Follow this link
  • Register
  • Go to the Algotrading and Autofollowing tab
  • Select the channel
  • Buy a subscription
  • Start trading

Tariffs and packages

Choose PRO PACKAGE or trade for FREE


$ 00 forever
  • Trading on 15 exchanges
  • 10 stop-limit orders
  • 2 OCOs
  • Technical analysis with saving templates on the chart
  • Analytical dashboard 30 days

Basic PRO

$ 19 for 1 month
  • Stop-Limit Orders
  • OCOs
  • Add your strategy: 1 bot
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Demo trading robots
  • Multiple accounts
  • Real trading robots
  • Signal trading
  • Autofollowing
  • Free package

Expert PRO

$ 119 for 1 month
  • Spot robots
  • Add your strategy: 5 bots
  • Futures robots
  • OCOs
  • Multiple accounts
  • Signal trading
  • Autofollowing
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Free package
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