What is an AI crypto trading bot?

The Cryptorobotics trading platform provides its users with the opportunity to use the AI ​​Columbus Futures, which operates on Artificial Intelligence.

This AI crypto trading bot is based on a machine learning algorithm, with the help of which it independently determines global and local support levels, market movement and dynamics, trading volumes, and also calculates when it needs to enter a trade. Using this bot allows a trader to trade without having to constantly monitor the market and make high profits.

How does it work?

AI crypto trading bot predicts the value of a digital coin every hour and decides to provide a new signal to enter a trade or wait for a better market trend.
AI Columbus Futures can trade both falling and rising markets. It undergoes retraining every hour, and also corrects the existing experience, supplementing it with new conditions every 6 hours.

Why is it worth using the AI crypto trading bot?

  • AI trading 24/7
  • There is no need to constantly monitor the market
  • The ability to trade both rising and falling markets
  • Management of risks
  • Open statistics for each trade in the entire history of trading
  • Reasonable cost
best ai crypto trading bot

How to start using the AI Columbus Futures on the Cryptorobotics platform?

  • Complete the registration process on the Cryptorobotics platform
  • Go to the Algotrading tab
  • Select Autofollowing
  • Select AI Columbus Futures
  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Set all necessary parameters
  • Launch an AI crypto trading bot
  • Start crypto trading
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Tariffs and packages

Choose PRO PACKAGE or trade for FREE


$ 00 forever
  • Trading on 15 exchanges
  • 10 stop-limit orders
  • 2 OCOs
  • Technical analysis with saving templates on the chart
  • Analytical dashboard 30 days

Basic PRO

$ 19 for 1 month
  • Stop-Limit Orders
  • OCOs
  • Add your strategy: 1 bot
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Demo trading robots
  • Multiple accounts
  • Real trading robots
  • Signal trading
  • Autofollowing
  • Free package

Expert PRO

$ 119 for 1 month
  • Spot robots
  • Add your strategy: 5 bots
  • Futures robots
  • OCOs
  • Multiple accounts
  • Signal trading
  • Autofollowing
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Free package
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